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Using a revolutionary, patent pending technology that protects the carrier network,Wireless Extender zBoost improves indoor cell phone coverage by capturing and repeating the outside signal, bringing it into the building and enhancing it. This process creates a “Cell Zone” in the home, office or car.


Without zBoost

With zBoost

The zBoost system includes:
  • Outdoor antenna (repeats the signal) - It can be installed outdoors above the roofline or indoors in the attic or near a window)
  • Coax cable (RG6- ultra low-loss, DBS satellite) - Connects from the outdoor antenna to the base unit
  • Base unit – Sleekly designed, it amplifies the signal and provides oscillation detection/correction which protects the carrier network using patent-pending technology.
  • Indoor antenna – Connects to the base unit to repeat the signal and create “Cell Zone” - no physical connection to the phone is needed.
  • Also included in the kit is mounting materials.
zBoost repeats and amplifies the signal and is frequency dependent. zBoost works with most phones and carriers except Nextel and comes in 3 models. Check this website to know what frequency your carrier is operating in your zip code.