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Why Use Peplink’s M2M MAX BR1 Mini LTE Routers for ATM Deployment in Remote Areas?

Why setting up off-premise automatic teller machines or ATMs in remote locations or in areas where landline connectivity isn’t a viable option, such a demanding job? Before taking on this question, let us understand why these off-site ATMs are necessary? Well, it is quite simple - they provide customers an accessible and quick way of withdrawing money locally, which saves them from traveling to another location where their bank is located. All of this is done to simplify the task of withdrawing cash for your customers.

You must have seen these ATMs inside convenience stores, shopping malls, hospitals, and other such places where footfall is quite high. Now, let us come to the initial question - why is the job of deploying such an ATM such a demanding task? Well, mostly it has to do with the initial capital required to deploy an off-site ATM. The cost of recurring network connectivity will be higher for areas that are more remote than others. This is the primary reason why VSAT connectivity, which is also expensive, is used for ATMs in areas where fixed landline connectivity is either not available or is decidedly inferior.

This is where Peplink’s M2M MAX BR1 Mini LTE router comes into the picture. Now the difficult with landline connectivity we were talking about earlier is dealt with by these routers by using cellular connectivity. So deploying ATMs in remote locations where landline connectivity is poor is not a problem anymore. The Peplink cellular router can also be plugged into another, a second connection - for example, a DSL connection. This helps in maintaining ATM network connectivity at all times, even if any of the two connections go down - there is another connection to support the ATM network.

Off-site ATMs that leverage M2M MAX BR1 Mini LTE routers for a network connection are found to be more flexible than others. PepLink cellular routers have done away with the disadvantage of limited or no landline connection in remote areas - deployment is made easy, quick, and cost-effective.