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Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450 - Reliable, Safe Cellular Communication

This blog describes the Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450 modem. Let us begin with its qualities. The Sierra Wireless GX450 modem is an intelligent, compact, and feature-rich cellular gateway. It has a rugged design and it offers a secure mobile gateway for various in-vehicle applications. It comes with real time wireless capabilities for mobile as well as fixed applications, including energy & utilities, public safety vehicle deployment, backup broadband connectivity, public transit systems, and remote asset monitoring.

The Sierra Airlink GX450 offers broadband connectivity for a number of different applications and devices. It delivers the capabilities available to enterprise network and management business to businesses requiring more diverse and efficient fleet management capabilities. This allows mobile users involved in fleet management to get secure and reliable broadband data access.

The Airlink GX450 has the following features & benefits

  • Offers in-vehicle connectivity through Ethernet, USB, WiFi, and Serial
  • Supports secure communication over multiple networks
  • Rugged design that complies with shock and vibration guidelines
  • Use AirVantage Management system for remote monitoring, configuration, and system update
  • Automatically switch to Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with high-speed LTE networks
  • Offers powerful remote management
  • Offers situational monitoring capabilities to mobile workforce

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