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AirLink LX40 LTE Router

Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40 LTE and LTE-M NB/IoT router has 1 gigabit Ethernet port with POE. AirLink LX40 also comes with Wi-Fi version. AirLink LX LTE-M is global acceptable router. LX40 LTE is certified for North America Generic with Verizon wireless network.

What is Airlink Connectivity?
Assurance Connectivity Assurance is an optional secondary or backup connectivity offered with the latest Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways and routers. This option allows businesses to increase service uptime, minimize truck rolls, and gain visibility to their deployments.


Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40 1104176 LTE router without Wi-Fi support for Verizon network.
Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40 Wi-Fi router 1104177 for Verizon Wireless Network.
Sierra Wireless AirLink LX40 LTE-M NB/IoT 1104188 router for use with narrow band (NB) and internet of thing (IoT).