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Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 LTE-A Pro FirstNet Network Approved AT&T Router

This is an exciting time for FirstNet. In the last month, the First Responder Network Authority-AT&T partnership has reached major milestones in deploying the network for first responders, including the launch of the nationwide buildout of public safety’s spectrum – Band 14 – and the delivery of the FirstNet Core.

The First Responder Network Authority Device Team has also been busy, working alongside AT&T to approve devices, such as Airlink MP70 LTE-A PRO router, for public safety’s use on FirstNet. We’ve taken a number of devices through the FirstNet Device Approval Program. In completing this first round of the program, the First Responder Network Authority has recommended to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) a list of user devices approved to be used on the FirstNet network. NIST is responsible for maintaining this list under the legislation that established FirstNet. The list is available here.

The FirstNet Device Approval Program is built upon AT&T’s industry-leading, standards-based wireless device testing and certification program. To ensure the needs of public safety are met, the First Responder Network Authority has also established and conducted audits and verification steps in this process. For example, we audited and verified testing of public safety-focused features and functions of wireless devices currently published on the NIST list. This includes Band 14 functionality when applicable, FirstNet UICC or SIM functionality, as well as functionality with the FirstNet Core.

As more devices progress through the FirstNet Device Approval Program, we will continue to work closely with NIST to ensure timely updates to the NIST list going forward. This will ensure public safety is aware of the rich and diverse portfolio of devices available for use on the FirstNet network.

In our ongoing interactions with the public safety community, we’ve repeatedly heard from first responders at all levels about their need for a wide variety of user devices: commercial, ruggedized, and functional devices to support their respective lifesaving missions. Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 LTE-A PRO is FirstNet ready router and certified for AT&T network..

Now that we are in the deployment phase of the network, our audit and verification role is vital to ensuring that the devices meet the needs of public safety. By providing validation and oversight, we are ensuring that FirstNet works for public safety.

We look forward to continuing to work hand in hand with the public safety community, and our network partner AT&T, to continuously evolve the FirstNet solution.

Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 LTE-A PRO is the first FirstNet ready router that is certified by AT&T for emergency first responders. Please visit or call us at 832-955-1000 to place the order or for discount available for Airlink MP70 LTE PRO router.