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Peplink MAX BR1 M2M Specialized Cellular LTE Router for M2M Communications

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Price: $399.00
In Stock
Item Number: MAX-BR1-M2M-LTE
Manufacturer: PepLink
Manufacturer Part No: MAX-BR1-M2M-LTE
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

Peplink MAX BR1 M2M Cellular Router

Peplink MAX BR1 M2M Datasheet

The Peplink MAX BR1 M2M is a compact and rugged cellular router that is designed for use in M2M applications. It is small enough to be placed anywhere, and it features a 9-pin serial connector for easy and durable M2M connectivity. The MAX BR1 M2M can also be remotely monitored and managed using InControl 2 Cloud management, which can save time and money on service trips.

Remote Device Management Remotely manage the MAX BR1 M2M by the InControl 2 cloud based management platform. Schedule automated firmware updates for groups of devices, and more.
SpeedFusion Hot Failover The MAX BR1 M2M automatically re-establishes your IPsec VPN connection on lower priority link when your primary WAN fails. Your VPN stays up, and you stay seamlessly connected.
Din-Rail Mountable Install your BR1 M2M in minutes with just a screwdriver. It attaches directly to any DIN rail for quick and secure deployment in utility boxes and other locations.

Here are some specific examples of how the Peplink MAX BR1 M2M router can be used in M2M applications:
Remote asset monitoring: The MAX BR1 M2M can be used to monitor remote assets, such as oil and gas wells, pipelines, and power grids. This data can be used to improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime.
Industrial automation: The MAX BR1 M2M can be used to automate industrial processes, such as manufacturing and assembly lines. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced costs.
Smart city applications: The MAX BR1 M2M can be used to support smart city applications, such as traffic management, parking management, and waste management. This can lead to improved quality of life for city residents.
Vehicle tracking: The MAX BR1 M2M can be used to track the location of vehicles in real time. This information can be used to optimize fleet management, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

The Peplink MAX BR1 M2M is a powerful and versatile cellular router that is ideal for M2M deployments. It is compact, rugged, and easy to use. It also features remote monitoring and management capabilities, which can save you time and money.