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Peplink Balance 580 Router

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Item Number: BPL-580
Manufacturer: PepLink
Manufacturer Part No: BPL-580
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

Peplink Balance 580 Multi WAN Router

Peplink Balance 580 Datasheet

Take your internet connection to the next level with the Peplink Balance 580 multi-WAN router. Equipped with SpeedFusion™ bandwidth bonding technology and InControl cloud management and AP Controller software, the Balance 580 helps you maintain a high-speed SD-WAN connection.

Peplink Balance 580 SpeedFusion consolidates up to 13 DSL, cable, 4G LTE and 3G links into a fast, easy-to-manage SD-WAN connection. In doing so, SpeedFusion allows you to use your Balance 580 to access headquarters at unprecedented speed. Plus, with each link you add, your Balance 580 SD-WAN connection becomes more reliable. You can also use connection technologies from multiple internet services providers (ISPs) for your Balance 580 — all at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional WAN.

Additionally, SpeedFusion makes it simple to use your Balance 580 to stream high-definition video. It leverages commodity links to offload bulk traffic to the public internet and saves your traffic for private links. SpeedFusion even offers Hot failover, so you can instantly perform point-of-sale and credit card transactions.

When it comes to Balance 580 network management and reporting, InControl delivers. You can use InControl for central monitoring and management of branch offices via a single interface. That way, InControl ensures you can seamlessly track your network's bandwidth, connection status and other pertinent information.

Balance 580 InControl empowers you to conduct a variety of tasks, too. From setting up a star, mesh or point-to-point virtual private network (VPN) to configuring groups of devices, InControl helps you quickly and effortlessly manage your Balance 580. Furthermore, you can use InControl to schedule automatic Balance 580 firmware updates, thereby reducing security risks and optimizing your router's performance.

Finally, AP Controller comes standard with the Balance 580, and it takes the guesswork out of managing your router's network connections, local client access and user bandwidth policy. AP Controller provides a centralized administrator interface that you can use to immediately connect your router to a network. It also features a built-in captive portal, so you can use your Balance 580 to provide your customers with a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Pick up the Peplink Balance 580 today — you'll be glad you did. Thanks to the Balance 580, you can upgrade your internet connection, streamline network maintenance and more.

 Peplink Balance 580 BPL-580 Router