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Peplink Router

Peplink cellular router and modem provide unbreakable connectivity to maintain mission-critical communications.

Peplink Balance router with Dual-WAN, Multi-WAN Internet Link Load Balancing Routers.
Peplink MAX series of industrial 4G routers are designed to provide secure WAN access in environments where wired solutions are too expensive to deploy.
Peplink New Class of Switch with Cloud Intelligence. SD-Switch with Software Intelligence.
The Peplink AP One access point series delivers enterprise-grade performance, the flexibility to deploy anywhere, and easy setup and management.
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Peplink APO-AX AP One AX Wi-Fi 6 Device
Price: Call for Availibality and Pricing
Peplink APO-AX AP One AX Wi-Fi 6 Device
Peplink AP One AX! It's equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 featuring 45% more speed, 4x more device capacity, and less power consumption for connected devices. It also supports 802.11k, v, and r for seamless roaming.