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PepLink Balance 20 SD-WAN Dual-WAN Router for Small Office

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PepLink SD-WAN Router
Price: $299.00
In Stock
Item Number: BPL-021
Manufacturer: PepLink
Manufacturer Part No: BPL-021
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

PepLink Balance 20 SD-WAN Router

PepLink Balance Datasheet

The Peplink Balance 20 SD-WAN router lets you take control of your WAN and achieve unbreakable Internet connectivity. Centralized cloud management simplifies network setup, configuration, and maintenance.

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a revolutionary way to approach the simplification of branch office networking.

Using SpeedFusion™ bandwidth bonding technology, you can combine multiple DSL, cable, 4G LTE , and 3G links – up to 13 of them into a single high-speed SD-WAN connection. This enables you to access headquarters at greater speeds than you could achieve with a single link.

Guarantee the session integrity of sensitive applications such as point-of-sale or credit card transactions using Hot failover. Stream HD videos and have smooth videoconferences using SpeedFusion VPN technology. Use your commodity links to offload for your bulk traffic to the public Internet, while saving your critical traffic for private links.

PepLink Balance20 SD-WAN Router