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Peplink Balance 210 SD-WAN Router

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Manufacturer: PepLink
Manufacturer Part No: BPL-210
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

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Peplink Balance 210 Router

Balance Compression Datasheet

Using SpeedFusion™ bandwidth bonding technology, you can combine multiple DSL, cable, 4G LTE , and 3G links – up to 13 of them into a single high-speed SD-WAN connection. This enables you to access headquarters at greater speeds than you could achieve with a single link.

With each link you add, the SD-WAN connection increases its reliability. Use multiple connection technologies from diverse ISPs to provide connectivity resilience at a fraction of what it would cost using traditional WAN alone.

Guarantee the session integrity of sensitive applications such as point-of-sale or credit card transactions using Hot failover. Stream HD videos and have smooth video conferences using SpeedFusion VPN technology. Use your commodity links to offload for your bulk traffic to the public Internet, while saving your critical traffic for private links.

Using InControl, our powerful SD-WAN controller, you can easily perform a multitude of tasks from a browser. Set up a star, mesh, or point-to-point VPN with just a couple of clicks. Configure groups of devices at once to save time. Schedule automatic firmware updates for your devices.

The Balance 210 and Balance 310 are the same router but the 210 has one less WAN Port activated. The third WAN port on the Balance 210 can be activated later with a one-time upgrade fee.

Peplink Balance 210 310 Router