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MobileMark High Gain WiFi 6E Rubber Duck Antenna

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Price: $24.99
Manufacturer: MobileMark
Manufacturer Part No: PSKN4-W6E
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

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MobileMark High Gain Wi-Fi 6E Rubber Duck Antenna

MobileMark PSKN4-W6E ( WiFi 6E Rubber Duck ) antenna offers excellent performance for WiFi6E and IoT applications. It provides MU-MIMO when using multiple antennas on a WiFi 6E router or it could operate as a stand-alone antenna where a single channel is called for. MU-MIMO is multi-user, multiple-input, and multiple-output. Furthermore, The PSKN4-W6E device antenna meets IEEE 802.11ax standards and includes the new band 6.125 – 7.125 GHz, recently released by the FCC as WiFi63.

The Knuckle Swivel feature of the antenna allows it to be adjusted into one of three different angles: straight, 45° bend, or 90° bend. An ideal antenna for a variety of routers for IoT.

MobileMark PSKN4-W6E ( WiFi 6E Rubber Duck ) comes with a Reverse Polarity SMA Plug or an SMA Plug Connector. Specify PSKN4-W6E-RS for the Reverse Polarity SMA Connection or PSKN4-W6E-S for the SMA Plug configuration. The Reverse Polarized SMA fits most WiFi applications. In addition, this device antenna measures 6 3/8″ tall, 7/8″ wide, and 1/2″ thick.

2.4 – 2.5 GHz
5.15 – 7.125 GHz
Gain: 4 dBi

PSKN4-W6E-RS for the Rev Pol SMA Connection
PSKN4-W6E-S for the SMA Plug configuration

MobileMark PSKN4-W6E Wi-Fi 6E Rubber Duck Antenna