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MobileMark MAXFIN MXF-5900 DSRC Mobile Antenna

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MobileMark MAXFIN MXF-5900 DSRC Mobile Antenna
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Manufacturer: MobileMark
Manufacturer Part No: MXF-5900
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

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MobileMark MXF-5900 DSRC High Gain Stud Mount Antenna

MXF-5900 Datasheet

MobileMark MXF-5900 Series is designed to optimize DSRC performance in Mobile Antennas used in ITS trials. The antennas contain 3-antenna elements; two identical DSRC elements and one GNSS element.

Both DSRC elements are centered on 5.9-6.0 GHz and the GNSS element covers either GPS at 1575 MHz or combination GPS & Glonass at 1575 & 1602 MHz. Model numbers for antennas with both GPS & Glonass start with MXFG.

Mobile Mark MXF-5900 antenna is ground-plane independent and can be mounted on either a metal or fiberglass roof. It can handle up to 10 watts of power.

Frequency & Gain:
Cable 1&2 (DSRC): 5850-5925 MHz
Cable 3 (GPS): 1575 MHz
GPS & Glonass Option: 1575 &1602 MHz
Cable 1&2 (DSRC): 4dBi (average), 8dBi (peak)
Cable 3: LNA 26dB, 5dBi nominal RHCP

Cable 1&2 (DSRC): LL-195, 15ft (4.5m)
Cable 3 (GPS): RG-174, 15ft (4.5m)
Connectors: SMA Male

MobileMark Part #
MXF-5900-3C3C2C-BLK-180 Surface Mount
MMXF-5900-3C3C2C-BLK-180 Magnet Mount
MXFG-5900-3C3C2C-BLK-180 Surface Mount
MMXFG-5900-3C3C2C-BLK-180 Magnet Mount
“G” specify GPS/Glonass

Mobile Mark MXF-5900 MAXFIN Antenna