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Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM2000WL-40 Dual Band Mobile Signal Amplifier

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Price: $289.99
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Item Number: 366151
Manufacturer: Cellphone-Mate
Manufacturer Part No: CM2000-WL-40
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM2000-WL 40dB Mobile Signal Booster Amplifier

Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM2000-WL Mobile signal amplifier is a high-performance DC or AC powered amplifier that powerfully boosts both the incoming and outgoing signals of most cell phones by up to 10,000 times.

SureCall CM2000-WL amplifier has been proven to provide excellent cell-phone signal reception as far as 60 miles from the nearest base station or transmitting tower. It will give you the experience of being right next to a tower without actually having one anywhere nearby.

With the SureCall CM2000-WL signal booster amplifier doing all the long-range work, the battery on your cell phone drains much more slowly, thereby dramatically increasing your talking time.
Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM2000 third-generation product is more efficient and more signal-sensitive than previous models. It runs cooler.

Finally, it moves 95% of the RF radiation that carries the cellular signal away to a safe distance from your brain and body.


Frequency Range: Uplink: 824-849 and 1850-1910 MHz / Downlink: 869-894 and 1930-1990 MHz
Standard Supported: CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE, TDMA and AMPS etc.
Antennas: Dual band linear antennas, with maximum 3dBi directional gain
AC Power Transformer: Input: AC110V, 60Hz; Output: DC 5V
DC Power Adapter: Fused cigarette lighter connection
RF Connectors: FME Male connectors on both ends