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Cel-Fi Signal Booster

What is Cel-Fi? Cel-Fi signal booster that is created to improve 3G and 4G signal receptions wherever you are. With this signal booster, it can create a bubble coverage that automatically adjusts to the size of the environment it serves. Cel-Fi signal booster is made up of two wireless devices, a Window unit and Coverage Unit, which work together in order to increase mobile broadband connectivity. Cel-Fi AT&T signal booster and T-Mobile signal amplifier are certified by respective wireless service provider for use on AT&T and T-Mobile network.

Cel-Fi signal booster is FCC approved for consumer use.

Cel-Fi AT&T Signal Booster for 4G data signal coverage and voice on AT&T network.

Cel-Fi T-Mobile Signal Booster for 4G data signal and voice coverage on T-Mobile network.