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Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 LTE-A Pro FirstNet Network Approved AT&T Router

This is an exciting time for FirstNet. In the last month, the First Responder Network Authority-AT&T partnership has reached major milestones in deploying the network for first responders, including the launch of the nationwide buildout of public safety’s spectrum – Band 14 – and the delivery of the FirstNet Core.... Read More

Why Use Peplink’s M2M MAX BR1 Mini LTE Routers for ATM Deployment in Remote Areas?

Why setting up off-premise automatic teller machines or ATMs in remote locations or in areas where landline connectivity isn’t a viable option, such a demanding job? Before taking on this question, let us understand why these off-site ATMs are necessary? Well, it is quite simple - they provide customers an accessible and quick way of withdrawing money locally, which saves them from traveling to another location where their bank is located.... Read More

HiBoost Signal Booster - The Perfect Way to Amplify Weak Cellular Signals

A cell phone is an integral part of our lives. After all, it is one of the most reliable means to establish communication, whenever required. But, do they fulfill our communication needs to the tee when we desire them the most? There’s no doubt that visualizing proper communication without a cell phone is not at all a possibility, but how can one not question the reliability of a cell phone when the call-drop ratio is too high?.... Read More

Enterprise Gateways & Routers to Connect Distributed Enterprises

Enterprises these days operate through distributed networks, which makes it all the more difficult for organizations to manage their workforce and projects. There is a complex network that engages hundreds or even more locations or regions - each of these locations of the organization is linked to its center through the internet.... Read More

Reduce the Call-Drop Ratio Significantly - Boost your Mobile Signals with HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

When you buy a phone, checking the specifications come in handy because then, you understand how much leverage you can take and the overall capacity and range of your device to store and transmit signals. Some devices do it better than others, hence always be sure about what you are buying as your future experience will virtually depend upon it.... Read More

Sierra Wireless LX60X LTE is the industry's first cloud-managed Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Cellular Router

Wireless Phone Gallery strengthens product portfolio with the addition of the New Essential Series AirLink LX60 Routers by Sierra Wireless. The new AirLink LX60X router opens-up additional markets for secure, managed connectivity for IoT applications, including retail, building automation, digital signage, taxis, ATMs, kiosks, and point-of-sale terminals... Read More

California Highway Patrol Uses AirLink MP70 Routers for Law Enforcement

California Highway Patrol (CHP) now uses AirLink routers as part of its mission to provide the highest level of safety, service and security. The law enforcement agency deployed AirLink gateways across 2,500 vehicles in 2016, and since that time, has reaped the benefits of reliable, consistent network coverage... Read More

Get the Most Powerful End-to-End Network Management Solutions - Advanced 3G/4G-LTE Connection for Mission-Critical Approaches

Since the modern-day LTE service (routing) is on the cutting edge of mobile networking technology, there aren’t many resources available online that identify business cases for adopting the service. Whether you’re an expert who needs help articulating the case for investing in LTE-A-compatible technologies or you’re largely unfamiliar with the service, consider Sierra Wireless mg90 as your go-to partner...Read More

Airlink MP70 Router: Perfect For Mission Critical Applications

When it comes to buying LTE-Advanced vehicle router, customers place their trust in Airlink MP70 router. Specifically designed and built for secure, managed LTE networking, the AirLink MP70 is a vehicle router that is known for delivering unmatched performance...Read More

HiBoost Home 10K LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster

The HiBoost home 10K LTE cell phone signal booster offers an unbeatable combination of performance and affordability. This signal booster leverages an existing cellular signal, amplifies it multiple times and wirelessly delivers the improved signal to a cellular device...Read More

Deploy the Feature-Rich AirLink® RV50/RV50X To Accelerate Your Business’ Success

High-speed internet is crucial to the businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Since power matters a lot in this digital world, having facilitating your business with seamless internet connectivity will allow you to get your fingers on all the opportunities coming your way... Read More

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 With Advanced Vehicle Telemetry Support

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 gateway comes with advanced vehicle telemetry compatibility. This is an addition to the already exceptional functionality this mobile gateway from Sierra Wireless AirLink has been delivering to businesses worldwide since its launch. And this new addition can work as a significant support... Read More

Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70: LTE-Advanced Vehicle Router Meant For Mobile Mission Critical Applications

Vehicle routers are specifically designed for mobile communication in public transportation. They are the best possible in-vehicle networking solution, immensely appreciated for their speed, reliability, and security. The AirLink MP70 is one such vehicle router that is widely sought after for its superior performance... Read More

Let Reliable Enterprise Networking Solutions Provide You With Secure Connectivity For Critical Applications

Effective communication is one of the prime requirements of every organization. Be it across departments or with the customers, providing and retrieving information is what matters the most. In order to attain this objective, organizations make use of enterprise network that helps in connecting computers and related devices across departments and workgroup networks... Read More

Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450 - Reliable, Safe Cellular Communication

This blog describes the Sierra Wireless Airlink GX450 modem. Let us begin with its qualities. The Sierra Wireless GX450 gateway is an intelligent, compact, and feature-rich cellular gateway. It has a rugged design and it offers a secure mobile gateway for various in-vehicle applications. It comes with real time wireless... Read More

Connect Critical Assets with the Airlink RV50 Rugged Gateway Modem

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way that consumers and businesses connect to the world around them. And as the IoT evolves, consumers and businesses will demand technologies that deliver immediate access to the information they need, regardless of location... Read More

Drive 4G Enterprise Connectivity with the Sierra Wireless AirLink ES450 LTE Gateway Modem

When it comes to the IoT, there is no need to leave anything to chance. Fortunately, the AirLink ES 450 Enterprise Gateway and Terminal Server delivers broadband connectivity for POS devices and other business critical equipment to ensure enterprises can handle customer requests at all times. In fact, this modem offers a one-stop solution to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage and remotely manage software versions and configurations. Read More ...