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AirLink MP70 LTE Router now supports Integrated Vehicle Telemetry.

AirLink MP70 LTE-A router with AirLink Mobility Manager provides an advanced integrated vehicle telemetry and connectivity solution for your fleet.

How does MP70 and AMM Telemetry benefit you?

  • Secure, Managed LTE Networking for mission critical applications
  • Monitor all critical vehicle data and manage entire fleet through a single management interface
  • Get proactive notification of vehicle related issues
  • Identify performance issues and prevent breakdowns
  • Monitor driver behavior to lower accident risk and lower operating costs

How does it work?

  • MP70 connects directly to the vehicle on-board diagnostic port using separate cable accessory
  • Engine diagnostic data and data from built-in inertial sensors on the MP70 is transmitted to AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM)
  • Monitor and run vehicle telemetry reports in AirLink Mobility Manager

What Do You Need?

  • Hardware
    • MP70 or MP70E
    • External OBD-II or J1939 Cable (available accessory)
  • Software
    • ALEOS 4.9.0
  • Management System
    • AirLink Mobility Manager 2.16 with AMM ALEOS Telemetry Client License

What vehicle types are supported?

  • Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks (OBD-II)
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles with a J1939 interface

These features will be available in the upcoming ALEOS 4.9.0 and AMM 2.16 software release.