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California Highway Patrol Uses AirLink MP70 Routers for Law Enforcement

AirLink routers help highway patrol officers maintain reliable and consistent network coverage throughout California.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) now uses AirLink routers as part of its mission to provide the highest level of safety, service and security. The law enforcement agency deployed AirLink gateways across 2,500 vehicles in 2016, and since that time, has reaped the benefits of reliable, consistent network coverage.

Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70 routers help CHP increase data throughput and leverage high-bandwidth applications like in-car cameras and electronic ticketing with automatic data downloading. Plus, the routers enable CHP officers to run advanced applications via an enterprise systems management platform used in conjunction with in-vehicle Toughbooks. This helps CHP officers quickly submit online records, review GPS data and complete criminal reports and ticketing in the field.

Furthermore, CHP has implemented a centralized network management platform to support its network gateway fleet. Thanks to this platform, CHP can conduct remote, over-the-air updates and mass device configuration and control and troubleshoot and improve network security without having to take vehicles off the road.

CHP is already looking ahead to future AirLink router applications as well. The agency plans to leverage the Wi-Fi capability of AirLink gateways to keep officers connected via tablets and body-worn cameras. Also, CHP is exploring the potential use of AirLink MP70 router to connect wired and wireless devices in a vehicle area network (VAN).

Of course, the applications of AirLink MP70 routers extend beyond law enforcement. Organizations across all industries can use AirLink routers to maintain network access in remote locations, streamline vehicle-to-vehicle communications and much more.

For those who want to bolster productivity and efficiency, now may be a great time to consider an AirLink MP70 cellular router. With an AirLink router at your disposal, your organization may be better equipped than ever before to keep its key stakeholders up to date at all times – regardless of location.

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