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Airgain Antennaplus CENTURION Next 6-in-1 LTE and 5G Antenna

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Airgain CENTURION Next 6-in-1 LTE 5G Antenna

CENTURION Next Antenna Data Sheet

Airgain CENTURION Next 6-in-1 is a full outdoor antenna, designed specifically to provide high performance LTE and 5G connectivity for Fleet and Public Safety vehicles and assets. Equipped with 9 ports, this antenna connects to almost any vehicular router or modem. Delivering powerful MIMO technology, this configurable antenna offers up to 4 high gain Cellular/5G (600 MHz to 6 GHz) antennas and includes support for LTE Band 14 First Responder network, Band 71 for T-Mobile, CBRS, and LAA.

The CENTURION Next also supports 3 high gain tri-band Wi-Fi antennas for the new 6 GHz ISM band for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), and a GNSS element inside a single robust and compact housing. This antenna has been designed for the next generation of vehicular 5G routers with multiple carrier switching. The CENTURION Next provides the ultimate in Wi-Fi support for full HD streaming video and other high bandwidth applications.

  • Six embedded antennas technologies that operate over multiple bands in one IP67 rated housing
  • 2 x Wideband Cellular 5G (600 MHz-6 GHz) Elements (MIMO)
  • 3 x 2.4 & 5.15-7.125 GHz Wi-Fi 6 capable Elements (MIMO)
  • 1 x GNSS 1550~1610 MHz
  • Leading LTE/5G performance while in coexistence with multiple other embedded antenna technologies
  • Lower profile and smaller footprint than competing solutions
  • High gain provides bigger cellular footprint
  • USA factory ensures fast turnaround customizations
  • Must be mounted on metal
  • Available in black or white
Frequencies & Peak Gain: Isotropic
  • Elements 1 & 2: 600-960 MHz 3.9 dBi; 1710-2700 MHz 6.4 dBi; 3300-4300 MHz 9.3 dBi; 5150-5850 MHz 8.9 dBi
  • Elements 3 - 5: 2.4 GHz, 5-7 GHz 4 dBi, 7 dBi
  • Element 6: 1550~1610 MHz 30.50 dBi

Standard Configurations
AP-NEXT-C2W3G-Q-SMA-RP56-BL-15 - MIMO 5G (600 MHz-6 GHz) x 2, Wi-Fi 6 x 3, GNSS, Threaded Bolt Mount, SMA on Cell/5G & GNSS,RP-SMA on Wi-Fi, Black, 15ft coax
AP-NEXT-C2W3G-A-SMA-RP56-BL-15 - MIMO 5G (600 MHz-6 GHz) x 2, Wi-Fi 6 x 3, GNSS, Adhesive Mount, SMA on Cell/5G & GNSS, RP-SMA on Wi-Fi, Black, 15ft coax
AP-NEXT-C2W3G-M-SMA-RP56-BL-15 - MIMO 5G (600 MHz-6 GHz) x 2, Wi-Fi 6 x 3,GNSS, Magnetic Mount, SMA on Cell/5G & GNSS, RP-SMA on Wi-Fi, Black, 15ft coax

Also available in color white, call us for customizable cable lengths up to 35 feet, and other connector variations.

Airgain CENTURION Next 6-in-1 LTE 5G Antenna