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Airgain AirgainConnect AC-HPUE 6-in-1 Rugged Outdoor Mobile Antenna Modem

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Manufacturer: Antenna Plus
Condition: New
Packing: OEM Packing

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Shipping Lead Time 4-6 Weeks and Non-Refundable*
Must Order with Each AC-HPUE Antenna-Modem*

Airgain AirgainConnect™ AC-HPUE Multi-Band High Power LTE Antenna-Modem

AirgainConnect™ AC-HPUE Data Sheet
AirgainConnect™ AC-HPUE User Manual

Airgain’s AirgainConnect AC-HPUE high power user equipment (HPUE) delivers the maximum allowed radiated power directly to the LTE antenna elements. The uplink signal is the weakest link in the LTE connection, which can be problematic in fringe coverage areas or inside buildings such as parking structures. When the uplink is disconnected, the user gets no service in the downlink. AirgainConnect’s patented technology eliminates the loss over the coax cables from the vehicle router to the roof-mounted antenna, providing 10 times the transmit power when compared to the router’s conventional modem. The result is a dramatic increase in the coverage area, deeper building penetration, and higher data rates.



Airgain AirgainConnect AC-HPUE 6-in-1 is a rugged outdoor mobile antenna with integrated modem, designed to meet the most demanding LTE connectivity needs of public safety and fleet vehicles. AC-HPUE provides two high gain multi-band LTE antennas and one band 14 LTE antenna powered by an HPUE LTE modem. AC-HPUE also supports two high gain tri-band Wi-Fi antennas, including the new 6 GHz ISM band for Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax), and an active GNSS element inside a single robust and compact housing.

AC-HPUE attaches to the router WAN port via Ethernet data cable or directly to a laptop via USB cable. Wi-Fi and GNSS antennas connect to the router just like all other Airgain fleet antennas. This means your router can be seamlessly used for Wi-Fi, location-based services, and managed using your existing network management system. 
  • Unique design increases power at LTE antennas, increasing cellular coverage
  • Rugged design for operation in all weather conditions
  • IP67 rated rooftop installation
  • USA factory ensures fast turnaround for customization
  • Antennas: 3x LTE, 2x Wi-Fi, 1x GNSS
  • Modified gasket for 2020+ Ford Interceptor

Whether you are a first responder (e.g., police, fire, EMS), or in a public safety support role (e.g., bus, rail, courier, utility, waste or water management, security), AC-HPUE provides a quick and easy way to upgrade to band 14 LTE service.
AirgainConnect’s patented technology boosts coverage for fleet and enterprise users on a wide variety of cellular bands and can be added alongside your current vehicle antenna, providing a dual modem redundant solution.

Standard Configuration
AC-HPUE-C3W2G-Q-F-WH-5M - AC-HPUE antenna-modem: 3xLTE, 2xWi-Fi, 1xGNSS (includes 5 m/16.4 ft cables and modified gasket for 2020+ Ford Interceptor). Color, White.
AC-HPUE-C3W2G-Q-F-I2C-WH-5M- AC-HPUE antenna-modem: 3xLTE, 2xWi-Fi, 1xGNSS (includes 5 m/16.4 ft cables, modified gasket for 2020+ Ford Interceptor, and FAKRA connector). Color, White.
AC-HPUE-C3-Q-F-WH-5M - AC-HPUE antenna-modem: 3xLTE (includes 5 m/16.4 ft cables and modified gasket for 2020+ Ford Interceptor). Color, White.

*AC-EI-BUND - AC-EI ethernet injector bundle (includes 10 ft power cable and 1 ft Ethernet cable)
*Note: Must order as a separate SKU with each AC-HPUE antenna-modem above

Airgain AirgainConnect AC-HPUE Multi-Band High Power LTE Antenna-Modem