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Cel-Fi Signal Booster

Cel-Fi AT&T PRO Signal Booster for 4G LTE data signal coverage and voice on AT&T network.

Cel-Fi T-Mobile DUO Signal Booster for 4G LTE data signal and voice coverage on T-Mobile network.

Cel-Fi from Nextivity is a family of all new, all digital. multiband, smart signal booster designed for use on 3G and 4G LTE (including VoLTE) networks. Cel-Fi plug-and-play booster product require no cabling, no external antennas and no configuration from the user. Cel-Fi signal booster can be set up quickly and easily to deliver up to five bars of 3G or 4G LTE coverage in just minutes. All you need is 1 or more signal bar on your cell phone to get 5 bars.

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Nextivty Cel-Fi Quatra Red Active Antenna
Price: Call for Availibality and Pricing
Nextivty Cel-Fi Quatra Red Active Antenna
The Cel-Fi QUATRA RED Active Antenna is an active multi-frequency, omni directional antenna ideal for Public Safety applications.
Cel-Fi PRO wireless signal booster certified for use on ATT and T-Mobile network.