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Connect Critical Assets with the Airlink RV50 Rugged Gateway Modem

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way that consumers and businesses connect to the world around them. And as the IoT evolves, consumers and businesses will demand technologies that deliver immediate access to the information they need, regardless of location.

The energy and utility companies require anywhere, anytime access to information as well. These businesses frequently deploy the latest and greatest technologies in the hopes of optimizing productivity and efficiency. Yet no technologies have been available that enable energy and utility companies to realize the full potential of the IoT – until now.

Meet the Sierra Wireless Raven RV50 Gateway Modem, the lowest-power and most-rugged LTE gateway on the market. The Airlink RV50 rugged gateway modem connects critical assets and infrastructure, making it an ideal choice for industrial-grade energy, utilities and smart-city infrastructure applications. Plus, the modem helps reduce infrastructure costs when running on battery or solar power. As a result, the Airlink RV50 rugged gateway modem ensures that energy and utility companies won't have to break their budgets to get the most out of the IoT.

Key features of the Airlink RV50 / RV50X rugged gateway modem include:

  • Events Engine: Offers alert reporting to third-party server platforms.
  • Global Coverage: Provides worldwide LTE coverage with just two product variants; one for North America and EMEA, and one for Asia-Pacific.
  • Remote Management: Includes network management solutions that deliver over-the-air registration and configuration and software updates; furthermore, these solutions can be deployed either as a cloud- based service, or as a licensed software platform in an enterprise data center for maximum flexibility.
  • Seamless Integration: Can be used to connect devices like PLCs and RTUs and transmit a variety of protocols like Modbus/DNP3; or, the modem can be integrated directly into existing management systems via SNMP.
  • Secure Industrial Communications: Supports secure communications to multiple back-end systems by providing up to five concurrent VPN sessions.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Offers best-in-class power consumption combined with LTE performance and is optimized for battery and solar applications.
  • Unprecedented Versatility: Designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions; the modem also is capable of surviving 5V brownouts and spikes from -600 VDC to 200 VDC.

The Airlink RV50 industrial strength modem is one of many Sierra Wireless products designed to help energy and utility companies capitalize on the IoT. To find out more, please call us today at 1-832-955-1000 or visit

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