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Wireless Phone Gallery is the Best Place for Blackberry Accessories

Blackberry AccessoriesMillions of people have purchased a Blackberry cell phone and have opened up a whole new world of communication for themselves. The Blackberry experience has practically revolutionized the cell phone industry. One thing that makes owning a Blackberry even better is having Blackberry accessories. These accessories work specifically with Blackberry phones and enhance the experience of owning one tenfold. You can find the best Blackberry accessories at Wireless Phone Gallery. We offer many Blackberry accessories at discounted prices and you can easily order online at your personal computer.

One thing that is always a handy accessory to have is a Blackberry charger. Wireless Phone Gallery is the place to shop for Blackberry chargers and we have plenty for you to choose from and suit your needs. We have the Micro-USB International charger which makes it easy for you to charge up your Blackberry 9800 Torch anywhere in the world. Of course, we also have the BlackBerry OEM MicroUSB Charging Bundle which will work on the Blackberry PlayBook, Blackberry 9670, the Blackberry Bold 9650, the Blackberry PlayBook and 9330 as well. You get the whole package with these chargers including car and travel chargers.

Blackberry AccessoriesFor instance, we have the Blackberry Mini Extra charger for the 9500, 9100, 8330, 8530, 9800, 9670 and 9300 series. It works with just about any Blackberry device with a USB cable, in the car, or as a wall charger. We also have plenty of batteries as well as charging pods for the Blackberry.

Some people like to store videos, photos, MP3s and other data on their Blackberrys. This requires a lot of memory space. Wireless Phone Gallery offers SanDisk MicroSD memory cards that can hold up to 32GB. These Blackberry accessories allow you to put as much data on your Blackberry as you want and store it there for safekeeping.

Wireless Phone Gallery also has cell phone covers for your Blackberry that will protect it in case it is dropped accidentally. You can get everything from gel cell phone skin to hard cover cases to colored ones so you can add a bit of personality to your Blackberry. They not only protect the Blackberry PlayBook, but they make it more colorful in appearance.

Whatever you need in terms of Blackberry accessories, we have it here at Wireless Phone Gallery. To find out more about our Blackberry accessories, contact us at 832-955-1000 or log on to

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Enhance Your BlackBerry PlayBook Functionality with High Quality BlackBerry Accessories

[Posted on April 11]

Labeled by RIM as “the fastest tablet ever”, the highly-anticipated 1GHz BlackBerry PlayBook (which you can get your hands on soon) will likely bring a great deal of joy to individuals and business managers alike although the final verdict for this latest BlackBerry tablet is yet to be determined. However, there is no question that those who want a more complete PlayBook experience should consider the enhancements provided by useful Blackberry accessories.

As veteran tablet PC owners know, having a clean, unscratched, and all-around, undamaged tablet will mean a much better experience and a happier tablet owner, and for those that do pick up the latest and greatest BlackBerry tablet, the experience will most certainly be enhanced with robust BlackBerry accessories including a PlayBook case, but which cases deserve to be considered for those that are serious about protecting their new PlayBooks? Undoubtedly, the PlayBook Defender Rugged case by Otterbox is sure to provide protection as well as fine style as this high quality case features three layers consisting of a polycarbonate shell that snaps around the PC, impact-absorbing silicone skin, and a final outside shell. Not only that, but this beautifully-designed case features a clip-on screen cover with a fold-out stand, ensuring the user a tremendous amount of comfort and added protection.

Many of the PlayBook’s owners will likely want to carry their new BlackBerry around, including to other cities and countries, and this means that charging the batteries could become an issue, especially if the journey is a rather long one; if this is the case, then a Blackberry charger is one accessory which one simply shouldn’t live without, and in the case of long trips, the BlackBerry PlayBook rapid travel charger is a must! This high quality charger is able to fully charge your PlayBook twice as fast as the standard Blackberry charger, and without a doubt, such a feature is a tremendous asset for travelers.

If you are looking to pick up the BlackBerry PlayBook, then also be sure to pick up some high quality Blackberry accessories so that you can protect your new tablet and enhance the PlayBook experience. You can learn more about Blackberry accessories by continuing to browse through our website and you can even pick up some of the highest quality PlayBook accessories and other products, including Droid accessories right here at

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